IVF Using Donor Eggs

Women are born with a life time’s supply of eggs and each month one or more eggs mature within the ovarian follicles and are ovulated.

The donor egg program brings hope to women who can’t use their own eggs to have children. This may be because of reduced ovarian reserve, ovarian failure, congenital defects, cancer therapy, removal of the ovaries, multiple failed IVF cycles, unexplained infertility or genetic factors.Donor Egg

The egg donor and recipient's cycles must are synchronized in a donor egg cycle. The recipient’s endometrium must be prepared to accept the embryo. In most cases, we use frozen donor eggs making the process easier.

When donor eggs are used the success rates are typically high due to better egg quality. The IVF success rates correlate with the age of the egg donor. For example, if the eggs from a 22 year old donor are used in an IVF cycle with a 43 year old woman, the IVF success rates will equal the 22 year old age group.

Donor eggs can be used in women of almost any age. There is no limit to the recipient's age as long as she has no serious disease and her uterus is healthy. Successful pregnancies have been reported for women in their fifties. There is data to suggest that pregnancy rates start to decline after the age of 50.

Most programs have a maximum age for recipients. Egg donors undergo extensive physical and psychological testing to insure their suitability as egg donors. Many of our egg donors come from Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and surrounding areas.

We also offer egg freezing which can preserve a woman's fertility before chemotherapy, radiation, or any other procedure that could destroy her eggs. Younger women can freeze their eggs for use in a future IVF cycle when they may have declining fertility.

Our board certified infertility specialists have extensive experience performing IVF and donor egg cycles. We created the first private, in-house, donor egg agency in Utah. We currently have one of the largest selections of carefully screened egg donors in Utah and the region. We were also responsible for the first pregnancy in the region using frozen/thawed eggs.

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