Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

When oral medications alone don’t work, IUI is often the next treatment. IUI involves collecting sperm from the husband or donor and specially preparing it in our Andrology laboratory. The sperm are placed in the uterus using a small catheter, which is painlessly inserted through the cervix. Advantages of IUI Pink Babyinclude cost effectiveness and it can be performed by your OB/GYN.

Ovulation inducing drugs such as Clomid, Femara, FSH, or a combination of FSH and Letrozole are usually given in an IUI cycle. These drugs cause the development of several eggs. Cycles are monitored and care is taken to reduce the chance of multiple births.

IUI performed each month that ovulation can be predicted, which is the most cost effective approach. Two procedures 24- 48 hours apart may be considered in some cases if ovulation timing has been unpredictable. Most fertility specialists agree that if IUI has not worked in 4-6 treatment cycles other therapies, such as IVF, should be tried. IVF success rates are significantly higher per cycle, however, the cost to achieve a pregnancy using IUI is less.

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