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RCC is Celebrating 20 Years of IVF with Many Deals and Offers!

RCC has served couples in Utah and the surrounding areas for over twenty years providing compassionate care and excellent success rates.  Infertility treatments can be expensive and we do everything possible to reduce this burden. We focus on individualized, compassionate care and this is reflected in our patient testimonials.

We have many options to help you afford needed treatments and help you have the child of your dreams.

RCC Deals and Discounts

100% Money Back IVF Guarantee Programs

We are one of the few practices in the world that offers a 100% Money Back IVF Guarantee Program. Every infertile couple’s goal is to have a child and over 91% of participants in the guarantee program take home a baby. Those that don’t have a child receive a 100% refund of our treatment fees. More Details

Multiple Cycle Discounts

We offer a pre-paid discounted fee for multiple IVF cycles that includes any associated frozen embryo transfer cycles. Two cycle, three cycle, and four cycle packages are available. More Details

Fertility Testing Package

We offer a highly discounted fertility testing package which includes the baseline ultrasound, comprehensive ovarian reserve testing (FSH, LH, AMH, E2, Inhibin B) with “Calculated Egg Supply Score”, TSH and Prolactin, hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and the semen analysis performed using Kruger Strict Morphology. The value of this package is over $1,300 and is available to self-pay patients for $700. Must be paid in full before the first scheduled test. Contact the billing office for more details.


Up to 100% financing is available for qualified patients purchasing a Multiple Cycle Discount Package or a Guaranteed Refund Program Package. Up to 80% financing is available for single IVF cycle plans at low interest rates. More Details

Income Based Discounts

Couples who have a combined gross income less than $60,000 can apply for a graduated discount on services. More Details

Military Discounts

Service member and/or Spouses can receive a 5% Discount by showing their Military ID. We also accept UHC Tricare Insurance. Contact the billing office for more details.


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